MECHanism is an aggressive dedicated deck strategy card game for between 2-6 players.

Build an army of Automatons. Establish a line of support, and then deploy tactical forces. Equip weaponry and add-ons. Eliminate opponents who stand in the way. This game includes x127 unique designs.


MECHanism is fought entirely by Automatons exclusively designed for warfare – designated Nihonto – and voluntary human/hybrid soldiers, called Mokume-gane. Currently there are 241 recognized Nihonto AIE manufacturers in operation. While not directly involved in combat, they supply tactical and support components to a select group of special organizations called Daimyos. Each Daimyo develops and implements their own individual force of Nihonto and Mokume-gane, engaging other Daimyos only in designated areas. Like the machines that fight for them, Daimyos exist purely as elements within the MECHanism.

This is the struggle for dominance in a mechanized universe.

This is the forward motion of evolution.

This is war.

This is the MECHanism.

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