Apr 062013


Role: Elite Heavy Assault Unit

Manufacturer: (Harima) Fujiwara Uesaku

Height: 1.6 m

Weight (unloaded): 140 kg

Features: Titanium Carbide armature. Dual internally mounted phased array ambient energy collection modules. Reactive nanosite assisted self healing outer armor plating. Atomo Class biomimetic arms, with Variable Form joint structures. This unit is optimized for heavy weapons use, specifically the Großes Schwein 20mm chain driven heavy automatic cannon.

Details: Although typically mounted with aesthetically unwieldy weaponry, the 040613s are actually quite agile, even graceful. Their ability to delicately apply significant firepower with near perfect precision earned Uesaku a McQuarrie Design award for  engineering the year it was first produced.

Mar 102013


Role:  CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Personal Carbine

Manufacturer: (Hizen) Harima daijo Tadakuni

Weight (unloaded): 2.67 kg

Cartridge: 10×25mm

Features: Hödekin Sentient 10mm Machine-gun with Independent Weapons Chassis and Automatic Target Acquisitioning.

Details: The gun component moves and operates independently from the grips and frame. Simply point in the general direction of the target and the weapon adjusts its aim and chooses the most effective rate of fire. It has some degree of autonomous intelligence, merely for tactical reasoning. Its ability to reason is strictly limited to combat parameters, although it will respond to conversational directives.

Mar 092013


Role: Elite Bruiser

Manufacturer: (Osaka) Echizen no kami Nobuyoshi

Height: 1.72 m

Weight: 840 kg

Features: Heavy assault chassis with a titanium carbide frame. Industrial strength limbs, with reinforced kinetically amplified joint structures and Tetsujin Class BMA (Biomimetic Manipulator Arms).

Details: Typically , the Bruiser role is fulfilled by Lv. 5 heavy frames.

Mar 042013


Role: TAO (Tactical Add-On) Joint System Adapter

Manufacturer: (Bungo) Fujiwara Sadayuki

Type: VF (Variable Form) to KA (Kinetically  Amplified) Shoulder Socket

Features: Cold intake induced plasma kinetic amplifier.


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Mar 022013


Role: Counter Assassination Unit.

Manufacturer: (Osaka) Sesshu ju Suketaka

Height: 1.94 m

Weight: 208.65 kg

Maximum Speed (even terrain): 243 km/h

Features: Internal cold superconducting generator. Quadrupedal wheeled mobility system. Tetsujin Class BMA (Biomimetic Manipulator Arms) with Variable Form joint systems. Tri-point optically managed target acquisition system.



Mar 012013


Role: Elite Air Assault Unit

Manufacturer: (Osaka) Echizen no kami Nobuyoshi

Height: 1.21 m

Weight: 48.3 kg

Features: Tam Lin remote initiated forced access acquisition system. Twin Cavorite lift panels with synchronized induced plasma burst jets and leg boosters.

Details: When it works, the Tam Lin system is a frighteningly effective piece of hardware. Capable of piercing some of the toughest physical shielding and internal firewalls on the market, the module identifies and specifically targets any components related to CES (Cogito ergo sum) and overrides them with the 030113′s personality matrix. Apparently the only unit capable of maintaining any sort of equilibrium with the 030113′s CES is the 030113s themselves. Unfortunately aligning the proper protocols and redefining an entire identity can be time consuming, and in combat this can put the unit in a considerable amount of danger. So, as a safety feature, the Tam Lin system has an adjustable time limit that will automatically disengage and trigger the plasma burst jets for a quick withdrawal.